Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Running low on superheroine porn? This website and its large-breasted models are here to save the day.*

Likely due to trademark issues, the site features the "live comic book" adventures of "Stargirl" and "Superior Girl" and "Nocturnal Winged Lady Dressed in Black Whose Parents Were Tragically Killed That One Time." Okay, made the last one up.

*I haven't yet found a "coming to the rescue" pun, but I imagine it's in there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Superior Girl have a sidekick, like Black Narcissus, Smug Lass or The Condescender?

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw this site mentioned on a forum and went for a dekko... man I was ROTFLMAO within ten seconds.

What a load of cobblers; my cat could write better stories than that and he's been dead for 13 years!

Still I guess it's just a cheap eye-candy excuse. And Fatality's (killer of Green Lanterns) better looking anyway, so there!

4:43 PM  

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