Sunday, February 18, 2007

previously unreleased Wonder Woman photos

I hear some of you like damsels in distress.

Others, not so much.

By Ryan Brenizer, God of the Lens.

Monday, February 12, 2007

WW on iTunes

Reader Randy in San Francisco sent us a tip: Season 1 of Wonder Woman is now available for download on iTunes (link will open iTunes application).

I have sometimes thought that it might be cool to obtain one of these newfangled video iPods and download TV shows to it and then watch them on the subway or the Stairmaster. And then I just feel a kind of First World guilt that I could have access to that much technology and use it to watch more television more places. So I don't do those things.

I do, however, fight crime.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Running low on superheroine porn? This website and its large-breasted models are here to save the day.*

Likely due to trademark issues, the site features the "live comic book" adventures of "Stargirl" and "Superior Girl" and "Nocturnal Winged Lady Dressed in Black Whose Parents Were Tragically Killed That One Time." Okay, made the last one up.

*I haven't yet found a "coming to the rescue" pun, but I imagine it's in there.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Suffer A Jet

When I was in elementary school, a friend of mine told me the following story:

Superman was on patrol when, using his telescopic vision, he saw that Wonder Woman had left her window open and was lying naked on her bed. Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Superman flew in at super-speed, shot his wad, and flew away before Wonder Woman could even say anything.

"What was that?" gasped Wonder Woman.

"I don't know," said the invisible man, "but all of a sudden, my ass is sore."

I'm not sure I got all of the details of that story right, since I have been unable to find the comic book in which it happened, but my point remains the same: Everyone lay off Wonder Woman's invisible plane!

Yes, I know - it's invisible, but it doesn't make her invisible, meaning that when she's flying in it, you can still see her. Maybe you expect more from a magical aircraft. It's still better than anything your plane can do. What? You don't have your own plane? You don't even have a pilot's license? What a loser!

As you can see, when an aeroplane is in the sky, it can reach heights that are very far away, making it look very small and hard to see. This is caused by science. However, don't be fooled! Aeroplanes are in reality quite large.

Here we see George Bush, Jr. standing and waving outside of Air Force One (a non-invisible aeroplane). Bush is indicated in red. Reliable sources report that President Bush, Jr. is not a midget, and yet we can see very clearly in this undoctored photograph that the aeroplane is at least ten times his size!

In this photograph, I have used advanced special effects technology to digitally render Air Force One invisible. While President Bush, Jr. remains visible, you can hardly see his obnoxious, smug, self-satisfied grin. So you see, even a visible person in an invisible plane would be very difficult to see.

Many people say that she couldn't operate an aeroplane if she couldn't see the controls. You know, there are other senses you could use to tell where the controls are. Next, you'll be saying that blind people shouldn't be piloting aeroplanes. You probably think that blind people should stay on the ground and be locked in dank, smelly caves and fed the lint that sighted people find in their belly buttons. Jerk. Fascist. Jerk.

If it were up to you, I bet Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Louis Braille would never have made their historic transatlantic flight.

Wonder Woman must spend hours every day cleaning that plane so that it remains completely transparent and she doesn't need assholes like you making fun of her.

Some of you may be of the opinion that Wonder Woman doesn't need any aircraft at all, considering that she has magical sandals that allow her to fly without a plane. You may think it's silly that she ever choose to wear her non-flying go-go boots. Sure, the boots are kinky and sexy and provide superior arch support, you would think, but you have to weigh that against the gift of flight. You would think she should never go into action without her sandals.

That just goes to show how little you know. Very few people know this, but her red fuck-me boots have magical powers, too.

They make her look taller.

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